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HAND2HAND CONTACT was founded in 2007 by former Army Captain Alison Lighthall, in response to the growing psychological chasm between our military citizens and civilian society.


After stepping up and doing exactly what we as a nation asked them to do,

our veterans are coming home feeling alone, forgotten, disrespected, and misunderstood.  

The stark numbers of military suicides tell the story:  

7000 veterans across all eras died by suicide in 2011...

and those are just the ones the VA knows about.

In January 2013, Secretary Shinseki announced that the numbers had climbed even higher, that instead of 18 suicides each day, the numbers had reached a staggering 22 per day. 

                        That's more than 8,000 veteran suicides a year.


We cannot allow this to continue.  We as a nation must do what hasn't been done and take into our hearts the Warrior Ethos that our military live by:


I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

HAND2HAND CONTACT provides outstanding training and consulting services to colleges and universities, law enforcement and correctional facilities, hospitals and non-profits, in helping them understand, work with, and care for today's veteran.

We are committed to serving our fellow veterans with loyalty, duty, respect, selflessness, honor, integrity, and courage;  we view this work as our continued service to our country.

Therefore, it is our objective to always exceed your expectations and give you more than you asked for.

In short, we provide you with the best military behavioral health training you can find anywhere.  Period.

For more information, or to arrange for a one-hour phone consultation,

please contact us at info@hand2handcontact.org

or call Alison Lighthall at (719) 200-3794


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